"When is ZiGGURAT iOS available?"
Right the heck now! You can download it here.

"Will there be an Android version?"
Yes! We dearly love every one of you Android users, and the last thing we'd want is to leave you guys out in the cold. However, the standardized format of the iPhone and iPad is far easier to test and develop for than the enormous variety of Android phones, each of which would require individual testing. It might be a while, though we feel this game is worth the wait.

"Why does my score only display when I die?"
Because in a visual medium, we feel that a game's reliance on numbers going up can be something of a crutch. The alien freaks exploding on the screen should offer more than enough titillating visual feedback without a score number. We'd like you to trust yourself to know you're playing well.

"Why doesn't it control exactly like Angry Birds?"
ZiGGURAT is, as much as anything else, an exercise in developing a game which translates the sticky satisfaction of classic gaming onto the modern portable touch screen. To reflect this, an enormous amount of consideration has been given to our innovative control scheme. Once it feels natural, you'll be asking why more games don't control exactly like ZiGGURAT.

"Wasn't this going to be an Xbox Live Arcade Game? Does this mean it's canceled?"
Canceled? Of course not! As we mentioned earlier, this particular iteration of ZiGGURAT was developed with mobile phones in mind. The upcoming Xbox Live Arcade Game will be much different, and equally as cool if not moreso!

"Will there be sequels?"
We would prefer to think of them as alternate-universe reinterpretations which share elements with the original. Take, for example, the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade Game.

"What other neat games are Action Button Entertainment developing right now?"
Unfortunately, scientists have yet to develop a hat which is durable enough to prevent your mind from blowing out the top of your skull if I breathed a single-word hint of what else we have in store.

"Is the hero a man or a woman?"
That's a good question!

"Where can I get the soundtrack?"
The complete soundtrack is available on Action Button's bandcamp page, and is imminently approaching iTunes!

"I like your game so much I want to follow you on Twitter!"
That's not a question! You can follow me at , or you can follow Action Button Entertainment at .

"Are you guys hiring?"
As a Hotshot Young Startup Company, our payroll department is pretty limited. However, if you'd like to volunteer your services for the simple opportunity of contributing to what future generations will undoubtedly call "The Greatest Games Ever Made", or are just looking for some Valuable Industry Experience, let's talk!

"I have an idea for a game!"
Neat! I have like two hundred. Your idea's probably really good, and you should totally go for it. We are really busy over here, however. So please don't tell your idea to us! We would never steal from you, but also don't want anyone to think we did.

"Aren't you that guy from Kotaku?"
Kotaku publishes some of my articles pretty regularly, if that's what you mean! I've also been published in plenty of other places. I have a lot of fun writing those. For a (usually) less satirical take on my opinions about video games, you can check out my articles on action button dot net and insert credit dot com.

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